Small (Xiao) Likeng 小李坑

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Unlike its counterpart Big (Da) Likeng, Small Likeng is a very busy place (the highway does not go very far), and rightly so: it is one of the most pleasant villages of Wuyuan. More than a millennium old, it is therefore an exceptional witness of the past of the region, as it is by its architecture (Hui legacy visible on the temples, pavilions …) that by the history behind its inhabitants.

It is possible to borrow a raft to enter the village, more appreciable experience as well as to go through the road frequented by many cars. Upon arrival, it is possible to enjoy the wooden terraces and balconies of the residences. Once inside the village, the strong personality of the architecture combined with the natural landscapes in which the village was built seems obvious: the two seem to complement each other perfectly, forming a combination that inspires a deep serenity: lanterns that illuminate the night, small canals that cross the village, local washing their clothes in the river …

Be careful because Small Likeng is very visited in the region and tourism is more and more developed, which can slightly denature the visit.

Practical Informations

From Wuyuan Bus Station, guests can catch a bus to Dazhangshan (service from 06:00 to 16:30).Opening hours: 8: 30-17: 00Admission (single): ¥ 60 (free for children under 1m20) Multiple admission (5 days): ¥ 250 for an adult, ¥ 105 for a child between 1m20 and 1m50, free for children under 1m20 .This type of entrance, in addition to containing Sixi and Yancun, also includes the entrance of no less than 14 sites in the region: villages, valley, mountains, lake …

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