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Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple

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In the western part of Shanghai is a temple housing two jade Buddha statues, the most famous temple in Shanghai.This temple was built in 1928, replacing an old temple destroyed during the revolution that toppled the Qing Dynasty. It was to keep two jade Buddha statues brought back from Myanmar by a monk, called Huigen.One of the statues, 1m90, was carved in a single piece of white jade, then encrusted with precious stones (emerald and agate). He represents the Buddha during meditation and enlightenment.The other statue is carved in an elongated position, 96 centimeters long and symbolizes the posture of the lucky rest.The temple is organized around several rooms, in an old and classic style with a peaceful atmosphere … The architectural model of this temple is unique for a modern city such as Shanghai.

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Plan one hour for the visit.Chinese name : Yù Fó Sì – 玉佛寺Metro line 13, get off at Jiangning Road 江 路, exit 3Ticket price : 20¥Opening hours : 8:00 to 16:30 (8am to 4:30pm)

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