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Nanjing Street - 南京路

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Nanjing Street

Built in the second half of the 19th century, Nanjing Street stretches over 5km long and attracts more than a million visitors each day.This pedestrian street is Shanghai’s largest shopping and bustling avenue, with more than 600 shops and stores, offering the biggest brands of accessories and clothing.Many bars and restaurants also run along the avenue.As soon as it gets dark, all the advertising neon signs and illuminated signs illuminate this great avenue ad infinitum, and a walk in Nanjing Street to join the Bund, is necessary.This street is the very symbol of the modernity that seizes China!

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Chinese name : Nánjīng lù – 南京路Metro Line 2 or 10, get off at Nanjing East Road 南京东路.Tip: choose the evening to walk there, the illumination and the street atmosphere is definitely worth a look.

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