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Danian – 大年

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Danian presentation in North Guangxi

A small Miao minority town located in northeastern Guangxi, Danian includes 8 villages of this minority. In the city center there is the presence of traditional Miao wooden houses along the Danian River. The rest of the city center is more “modern”.Danian is the base of action of the association Couleurs de Chine that we have the chance to know and support for many years. She educates Miao girls in the region, and we regularly organize trips to these regions for godparents wishing to meet their godchildren. Their local relay is more precisely Miao Country, taking over logistics at Danian, China Roads taking care of the rest!On the other side of the river is one of the other villages that form Danian and the majority of the houses, including the new ones, are built in typical Miao minority architecture.In Danian you can spend 1 or 2 nights in a hostel that originally was other than a traditional Miao house. Typical local dishes can be served.Possibility of a hike to Qiuka, which is an isolated village of the Yao minority. You can enjoy local cuisine at home, or sleep one night if you wish. The landscapes you can admire during the hike are beautiful, especially the rice terraces that occupy a large part of the hills.

Getting to Danian

Allow 1 to 2 days for your stay.Name in Chinese : Danian Cun – 大年村In order to avoid too many kilometers by car due to very distant bridges, it is advisable to go to Fulu and cross the Duliu River by ferry to reach Danian.

Danian’s video

Video seen from the sky of some Miao and Dong villages located in the mountains around the town of Danian, straddling the provinces of Guangxi and Guizhou. The ethnic groups of these villages, surrounded by fir forests and terraced rice fields, were long isolated, and maintained their ancient traditions and a traditional way of life unique in China.In the order of appearance :

  • Danian 大年 chief town of the district (Dong town)
  • Pingmao 平卯 Village of fortified brick houses
  • Xiangtang 响塘
  • Yala 牙腊
  • Muye 木业 And its beautiful rice terraces

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