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Ping'an paddy fields - Longsheng - 平安 龙胜

Rice fields of Ping’an and Longsheng in photos

Presentation of the rice fields of Ping’an and Longsheng

Located 103 km from Guilin city, the small village of Ping’An is part of the Longsheng Autonomous District, where are the villages of 4 ethnic Chinese minorities. The Ping’an village is attached to the Zhuang ethnic group which has the distinction of building only wooden buildings.Built on the hillside, on the central ridge of the dragon’s spine, Ping’An is an excellent base for discovering the rice terraces that cover the surrounding mountains. These rice fields are often considered some of the most beautiful in all of China. And for good reason, each season offers a different landscape of these fields on the hillside, such as stairs.From Ping’an Village, two sites offer a magnificent view of the rice terraces below and the wooden houses.

When to visit Ping’an – Longsheng?

The best seasons to admire the beautiful rice fields are the spring or autumn when Zhuang farmers work in the rice fields.In the spring, Longsheng flooded rice fields reflect the sun’s bursts like gems. In autumn, the fields are flooded with the changing ocher colors of autumn because of the scattered trees here and there.

Useful information :

Allow 1 or 2 days for the visit of Ping’an and its rice fields.Name in Chinese: Ping’an-Longsheng – 平安龙胜Entrance fee: ¥ 90.Schedule: Open all day.Tips & Warnings: If you are staying overnight at the hotel in Ping’an Village, prepare a small bag of change of clothes before getting into the village and leave your luggage at the entrance to the ticket office. We also advise you to arrive in the afternoon to visit the small village of Ping’an and to walk in the rice fields around the morning early morning, you will avoid the crowd.

Flight over the rice fields in October

Ping'an paddy fields - Longsheng - 平安 龙胜 : visits around

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